Harmonizing and improving your international training catalogue

More and more organisations are looking to streamline the delivery of training globally.

This mainly concerns areas such as soft skills, leadership, sales, project management or IT.

The aim is to encourage the adoption of new and innovative training solutions, to improve collaboration and common practices across borders. While optimising training costs.

Your challenges

  • Being able to rely on a global supplier
  • Improving L&D performance (agility, impact, etc.)
  • Providing very high added value content
  • Achieving sustainable savings on TCO
  • Innovating continuously

Our solutions

Multilingual training catalogue, international best-sellers, all formats

Straightforward and flexible training management services and tools

Certified trainers in over 50 countries

50% TCO savings and continuous performance improvement

Our customers

Supporting the digital transformation of learning

As part of its digital transformation, Airbus was looking for a way to rapidly digitise 90% of its international training. Cegos was selected to identify the needs, rework the existing modules and define a process for creating new digital modules.

Converting the group's training programme to continue developing skills

Givaudan's L&D team, which mainly benefits from classroom-based training courses around the world (public speaking, storytelling, supervision and recruitment, etc.), was prompted by the COVID-19 crisis to convert its classroom-based training courses into remote training in order to continue to develop its employees' skills despite the current situation.

Our other approaches to international training