Turnkey training solutions 

Turnkey training solutions

You want to build a training programme that is perfectly adapted to the objectives and challenges of your organisation?

You are looking for digital training for employees spread across several countries, languages, and cultures?

You need short and impactful digital training courses that fit easily into the busiest of schedules?

If you can relate to any of these situations, then we can certainly help you set up your project!

Find out about our solutions to train your employees anywhere in the world.

Cegos' international training resources are varied, designed to produce noticeable results, multilingual and multicultural.

Up to 22 languages are available: in addition to language, we take cultural aspects into account to ensure that the content is perceived and understood by all in the same way.

Our main training areas: management and leadership, sales & customer relationship, project management, personal development & soft skills, professional efficiency, marketing, innovation, human resources, industrial performance, quality, etc.

By rolling out your training programme with Cegos, you will benefit from:

  • A dedicated team that takes care of your project.
  • Our global network of partners and employees (over 50 countries covered).
  • A proven learning approach, which allows you to build stimulating learning experiences that lead to real changes.
  • Ergonomic, interactive, and user-friendly training content.

Our E-Learning formats

Our e-Learning formats are very flexible.

You can incorporate them into your internal training catalogue.

Your employees will be able to take training independently when they need a particular skill.

You can use them to build a tailor-made training course that matches your objectives and the profile of your learners. In this case, our experts will help you choose the right content at the right time to optimise learning.

Here is an example of a course using all our e-Learning formats:

Our multilingual digital training courses

All our training courses are designed according to the 4REAL® learning approach

Our teams are constantly reviewing the latest scientific research on the functioning of memory, learning and psychology.

As a result, they have developed a learning approach specific to Cegos training courses: 4REAL® (Real Efficient Adapted Learning).

This approach guarantees that we will optimise the choice of methods, formats, and their sequencing. The goal is to build a learning experience that turns skills into performance.

The LearningHub@Cegos platform: my training accessible everywhere, all the time

All our courses include access to the LearningHub@Cegos.

The platform provides your employees with access to all the resources related to their training. It gives them the opportunity to interact with the trainer and with other participants.

All they need is an Internet connection and they can train wherever they want, whenever they want.

Customised dashboards to measure the performance of digital training

Need to prove that digital training contributes to your organisation's performance?

Our experts can work with you to build customised, automated dashboards to measure the impact of your training project.

The measurement tools developed can be more or less elaborate, depending on your needs.

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