Supporting our customers in their CSR efforts

A committed player in the world of work

As a committed player in the world of work, Cegos supports the major transformations in our society.

As part of its ongoing efforts to decipher and support these changes, the company is also rolling out a training programme devoted to CSR.

A training programme devoted to CSR

Cegos' CSR training courses are designed to help organisations define their priority issues and act in a reasoned manner in terms of CSR. They are also designed to support business lines and help teams develop their professional practices.

Cegos also helps its customers address the many issues related to CSR around the world by designing and implementing multi-country training projects.

The training courses available in the catalogue are based on the following challenges:

  • Implementing CSR in organisations
  • Rolling out CSR in business lines
  • Taking up the challenge of the environment and the energy transition
  • Improving health, safety and quality of life at work
  • Promoting diversity within the company

Understanding and informing the market on current major issues

Studies, white papers, publications, etc.:

Cegos experts decipher and analyse the major current developments and their impact on the world of work and skills.

The Cegos-MINES ParisTech CSR-Sustainable Development Awards to promote the best CSR practices

For the past five years, the Cegos-MINES ParisTech CSR-Sustainable Development Awards have provided the means of highlighting the most inspiring CSR practices. The objective is to demonstrate, with evidence, that CSR creates value for all stakeholders.

The 3 CSR-Sustainable Development Awards recognise different forms of commitment and implementation of CSR:

  • The Audacity Award recognises ambitious CSR projects.
  • The Collaborative Award honours truly collaborative and participatory approaches.
  • The Equilibrium Award recognises results and balance in financial, environmental, and social terms.
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