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Business Transformation Summit: acceleration is the way to go!

Vincent KowalskiMarketing Director of Cegos

    Our annual Business Transformation Summit in 2019 was a truly global experience. We welcomed over 800 participants attending events in four European cities.

    The theme for the summit was ‘acceleration’. This is a vital concept in a world where speed is critical and there are many creative opportunities. But when things move so fast, how do you keep up with the latest innovations and trends to maintain your agility? Moreover, how do you achieve real business transformation that embraces the challenges of today and tomorrow?

    Over the next few months, we will present a series of videos from the Business Transformation Summit. They show the most compelling keynotes and insights. There are plenty of topics to inspire your business journey as you look to grow and stay relevant. Also leading at speed, accelerating your business growth and reinventing your business model.

    This introductory video includes highlights from the programme across our events in Paris, Lisbon, Frankfurt and Milan. The video is just a taster of the feast to come, so make sure you revisit this blog often.

    If you would like to learn more about how Cegos can help accelerate your business transformation, get in touch.

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    Vincent Kowalski

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