Technical or human: what will work look like in the future?

Hartmut JöhnkDirector of Integrata – Cegos Germany

    Technology is the fuel of business acceleration, but how will technology and human interaction change in the future? Who better to ask than a futurologist?

    Sven Gábor Jánszky is Germany’s most innovative trend researcher and founder of 2b AHEAD ThinkTank , the biggest independent European trend research institute. He spoke recently at our Business Transformation Summit about how technology will transform business in unimaginable ways.

    According to Sven, technology will solve all the great problems of humanity – including climate change, lack of drinking water and hunger – within the lifetimes of our children. We will also be able to connect our brains to computers to upload and download information. What’s more, we will soon be able to measure most things and predict events with much greater accuracy.  

    It’s very exciting and will have wide implications for all our businesses. Watch this short video to hear more from Sven about what the future may hold. 

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