No growth without a conscience: new challenges for companies

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In this post we are going to explore another aspect of business acceleration: conscience. This subject was discussed at the Business Transformation Summit organised by Cegos in october 2019.
Many companies think in the short-term and focus on economic growth. As a result, employees tend to act tactically but this is not always a good thing. You need to be more creative sometimes.

Navi Radjou is one of the leading thinkers on innovation and author of the best-seller Frugal Innovation: How to do better with less. He spoke at the Business Transformation Summit about the need to have a vision to thrive in the modern world. Indeed, it is crucial to change perspectives within and outside the company if you want to succeed.

Navi refers to the example of UK retailers Marks & Spencer, who have a vision to be the most sustainable retail brand by 2025.

He also refers to the inspirational leaders who are transforming their brands by pursuing noble causes. For instance, Isabelle Kocker – CEO of utility company Engie – wants to offer ‘Zero Carbon as a service’ by 2021, and get rid of coal in the company’s energy mix. Paul Polman – former CEO of Unilever – wants to reduce inequality by giving to communities instead of constantly taking. His goal is to invest in social and environmental projects to improve quality of life. Fashion designer Eileen Fisher has a vision to make fashion more durable and move away from the negative environmental impact of ‘fast fashion’.

Watch this short video to hear more form Navi on how industry leaders are building brands with a conscience.

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