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The impact of the ‘Great Reshuffle’

Jonathan Mohadeb LysobyckiHead of International Projects at Cegos Group

The annual Cegos Barometer survey showcases the trends influencing recruitment and personal and professional development. In the latest survey, 78% of respondents said they would seriously consider moving from their current company if a new role has greater meaning and purpose.

Time for companies to act

This response has significant implications for companies, demanding a culture that values an employee’s contribution and allows them to make some impact on the wider world. It is also important to align company values with modern thinking, especially around issues such as diversity & inclusion, climate and social equity.

War for talent

The ‘great reshuffle’ entails, in most cases, a change of company, and therefore triggers a war for talent. As we’re seeing today, many companies are upskilling their HR teams, recruitment and resourcing teams, to attract the brightest and best.

Also, the ‘great reshuffle’ calls for organisations to invest in offering meaningful positions, good compensation packages and full support of the L&D function as an ally.

New mindset

About a third of respondents said their company was already implementing training to deal with a potential brain drain, while 84% said they are actively considering it.

Whatever the case, it is important for business leaders of all generations to adjust their mindset and understand what is motivating employees in the modern world. Clearly, it is not just salary and benefits.

You can hear more from me in the video, where I talk about the key catalysts of the ‘Great Reshuffle’ and the phenomenon of ‘quiet quitting’, as well as how we can meet the challenges of both.
Click here or on the image to view video.

This post if the first of a series of four on workforce trends that impact businesses. In the coming months, you will find here insights from three colleagues, where you will read about Reskilling, Just-in-Time training or Immersive Learning.

Furthermore, I invite you to contact Cegos today to discuss how we can help your people improve their mindset and transform your business.

Written by

Jonathan Mohadeb Lysobycki

His mission consists in ensuring we provide our global clients the L&D solutions they need to boost their results. Jonathan works to create synergies across our teams, fostering international collaboration, harmonizing ways of working and sharing best practices. His job, with the Cegos' team is to effectively decode our clients’ stakes and challenges, define the best learning strategy and programmes and safely deploy them worldwide.In other words: identifying and deploying the learning solutions that will improve our clients’ business results, talent engagement and upskilling/reskilling.
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