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Reskilling crucial for company survival

Christophe PerilhouLearning & Solutions Director at Cegos France

In the most recent Cegos Barometer survey – where we identify global trends that influence the world of Learning & Development – HR managers say they anticipate around 20% of jobs will soon become obsolete.

The World Economic Forum suggests that 50% of today’s workforce will need reskilling within the next 5 years, ostensibly to meet the challenges of the future and move into work that is not yet fully automated.

The challenges of reskilling

In this context, Learning and Development teams are strongly challenged. Challenged on their ability to support professional reconversion; challenged on their ability to train massively and, over short periods of time, to adapt to continuous changes in the workplace; and challenged on their ability to develop a real learning culture within their organisation.

Automation key to future success

Many L&D functions face significant difficulties in matching the skills needs of their company with their training offer. They are overwhelmed by the sheer scope of training on such a massive scale, so seek solutions in technology. Thankfully, Artificial Intelligence is becoming more sophisticated and is expected to provide L&D with better options to personalise the learning journey and train at scale.

You can hear more from me in the video, where I discuss the various approaches you can take to reskilling your workforce in volatile times.
Click here or on the image to view video.

This post is the second of a series of four on workforce and learning trends. The previous one looked at the "Great Reshuffle". The following one will provide you with insights on immersive learning and will be followed by a post on "Just in Time" Training.

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Christophe Perilhou

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