Meeting the challenges of the digital era

Emanuele CastellaniExecutive Board Member at Cegos Group

The shift to digital has had a profound effect on how we work, and that shift has only accelerated during the health crisis. Remote working has now become the norm for many employees and leaders. This has its advantages in terms of convenience but also presents challenges, particularly when it comes to leadership where there is no physical proximity.

In this short video, I talk about the importance of training in the digital era and how to improve productivity.

Today, companies across the globe are looking to retain their talent while making sure they have the skills needed for a fast-changing world. Soft skills are increasingly important, as is the need to train people online as well as offline in response to the way they work.

Watch the video to find out how to meet the significant challenges we all face: click on the image or here.

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Written by

Emanuele Castellani

Emanuele joined the Cegos Group in 2011. He has been Managing Director of Cegos Italy since his arrival and of Cegos APAC since 2018, and will continue to hold these responsibilities through 2023. A graduate of the University of Florence in Political Science and Economics, he began his career at the Italian subsidiary of the Adecco Group, where he held various positions related to the development and management of the company's operations. He then joined ADP Italy, first in the Very Large Accounts Department, then as Director of Strategy and Development. As a member of the Cegos Group Committee, he was also fully involved in strategic initiatives for the Group (management of the Asia Pacific team, design and deployment of the MMO model to the sales teams, launch of the MTS business in Italy, etc.).
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