Is your company ready for Just-in-Time training?

Grégory GallicOffer and Expertise Manager at Cegos Group

In our annual Cegos Barometer survey – where we identify the latest trends influencing today’s Learning & Development functions – only 40% of employees consider their organisation meets their needs for skills development “just in time”. 42% believe the training response comes too late.

No time for waiting

There is a tendency among HR and L&D to offer a continuous program of learning that changes little from year to year. When a new skill is needed, it takes time to design and create a programme to develop it. In that time, the employee may have moved elsewhere, or the company could have lost money waiting for the skill set to be realised.

Foster dynamic partnership with management

The key to ‘Just-in-Time’ training is to anticipate future skills needs based on an analysis of skills and learning trends.

Your L&D program should be a dynamic partnership rather than a static one. Put some budget aside for flexibility and implement agile working methods based on shared trade-offs, iterations, and retrospectives, for continuous adaptation.

Learning data is key

Exploit learning data to improve personalisation of resources, real-time feedback, and performance support in the workflow. Make ‘just-in-time’ decisions about what to offer.

You can hear more from me in the video, where I discuss how ‘just-in-time’ training can play a crucial role in any modern L&D strategy.
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Grégory Gallic

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