How Transhumanist Technology Will Change Everything

Ricardo MartinsManaging Director at Cegoc Portugal

    In the last article of our serie "Business Transformation Summit" we talked about leadership. Today the topic we will focus on is transhumanist technology.

    When someone mentions technology, we think of computers, robots and AI. Yet engineers today are developing technology that is way more advanced than most of us can imagine. 

    Transhumanism is the concept of using science and technology to upgrade the human body and human experience. It is already helping those with disabilities to walk, hear and see, thanks to implants or robotics. Such technology will soon impact the way we work, too.  

    Zoltan Istvan is a leading voice in the transhuman movement with a background in scientific journalism and a stint on the National Geographic Channel. He recently spoke at our Business Transformation Summit about how fusing humans and technology could make us more intelligent and productive.  

    Watch the video to find out more from Zoltan about this fascinating topic. “Are we all going to have digital implants one day?” he asks. His answer may surprise you.

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