[Webinar] Embracing change


Master the power skills, behaviours, and mindset to navigate a constantly evolving world.

The world is continuously evolving, and change is inevitable.
This one-hour webinar provides the power skills, behaviours, and mindset to not just survive change, but embrace it as an opportunity for growth for you and your teams.

Join us on July 11th fat 15:00 CET and discover:

  • The key power skills you and your teams can develop to navigate change with confidence, including critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving.
  • Practical techniques to overcome resistance and cultivate a growth mindset, transforming uncertainty into motivation and positive action.
  • Actionable resources and initiatives to step outside the comfort zone, embrace change with optimism, and thrive in a dynamic environment.

Join us for a power-packed hour to empower yourself and your teams to embrace change!

Our expert speakers:

Christelle Delavaud, Offer and Expertise Manager at Cegos France: Expert in equipping individuals and teams with the skills to navigate change effectively.

Sarah Ratcliff, Learning Ambassador at Cegos UK: Sharing her knowledge on fostering a growth mindset and positive change management within organizations.

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