The programme “MyStory as a new Manager” of Cegos won the most popular digital products in China


A new award for Cegos China: nominated among more than 158 organisations, the teams in China won the prize for the most popular digital product, awarded for the “Best Courses List 2023 Most Popular Digital products” in the field of leadership.

The winning programme is the series “MyStory as a new Manager” which features a new manager as she takes up her post and takes her first steps in her new role.

To determine the winners, the organizer invited more than 100 senior training managers and industry experts to form a jury and make strict assessment from the aspects of course content, training method and production technology.

In the end, 200 high-quality courses with a comprehensive score of ≥80 were selected for the list, covering 10 fields including leadership, professional skills, training development, organizational change, finance, strategic thinking and cutting-edge technology.

Congratulations to the Chinese teams for this award!

If you have not yet saw the programme “MyStory”, discover it just here