Our 2023 international barometer is out!


As an international leader in Learning & Development, the Cegos Group is committed to supporting organizations and their teams through the many transformations (technological, societal, environmental, managerial...) they are facing today.

Cegos has therefore renewed this international barometer once again this year, in order to understand:
- The priority transformation issues impacting skills according to HR and Learning & Development professionals.
- The major emerging disruptions (such as Artificial Intelligence) and their impact on training.
- Employees' vision of their employability and their concerns in terms of skills development.
- The fields and modalities of training expected by organizations and employees in the future.

"Organizations and their HR and Learning & Development departments are facing many and similar challenges in all countries: hybrid working, changes in management culture, talent attraction and retention, ecological transition, digital transformation and impact of artificial intelligence, social responsibility.... While employees are genuinely concerned about the impact of these changes on their jobs, they are also highly motivated to learn and train. For their part, HR departments say they are ready to support skills development and adapt their training strategy to offer more individualized and on-the-job learning experiences. At Cegos, we are obviously convinced that training is an optimal response to these complex challenges, which are decisive for both organizations and society. Training is not only a key driver for competitiveness. On an individual level, it is also a wonderful tool for professional integration and social inclusion, enabling each one to find his or her rightful place in the emerging world of work and society."

Benoit Felix, Chairman of the Cegos Group