Learning Unlocked Conference: An introductory session on the adoption of a Growth Mindset

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For the first time this year, OpenSesame, the world's leading e-learning content marketplace and a strategic partner of Cegos since 2012, is organizing its L&D conference “Learning Unlocked” entirely online.

The program consists of 12 one-hour sessions, every Tuesday and Thursday, from October 13th to November 19th. International leaders, authors, athletes and managers of companies such as Coca-Cola or Siemens will highlight their experiences.

How to adopt a growth mindset

We were able to attend the inaugural lecture given by Jake Olson, motivational speaker and cancer survivor. His unprecedented success as a blind football player for the University of Southern California inspired millions. Jake discussed the power of training and embracing learning technologies to level the playing field for people of all abilities.

His testimony focuses on three key levers to overcome adversity and adopt a growth mindset:

  1. Resilience: "In every failure, there is an opportunity waiting to happen"
  2. Confidence: "When there is a will, there is a way"
  3. Passion: “The engine that drives work ethic”

Beyond the moving testimony of his journey, Jake also emphasizes the importance of technology in learning, especially for people with disabilities.

He mentioned that “in the United States, between 65 and 80% of blind people are unemployed”. Inclusion is a real challenge today and one of the first solutions to it is training. He encourages everyone to be flexible when dealing with disabled people, to allow them to adapt.

The next 11 online sessions of the event

11 Sessions will follow one another over the next few weeks on topics ranging from public speaking and productivity to cultivating meaningful connections in the digital age.

Speakers will include Mathew Knowles, founder of Music World Entertainment, who will analyze the traits of highly successful achievers, as well as Jessica Mendoza, two-time Olympic medal winner and the first female to commentate a televised ESPN broadcast, who will share her experience on how to stand up to societal conformity.

Program and registration available on OpenSesame's conference website.

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Discover Jake Olson's whole story: Setup in the Setback

This post was written by Caroline Quintanilha, Global Partner Development Manager at Cegos.

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Cegos Team

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