Value and impact of the Learning Experience in Everyday Life

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  • The 3 drivers to push to the finish line

It’s now official - training and updates are the single drivers for personal and professional growth of individuals.

If we then make sure that the learning is continuous and permanent then we’ve hit the jackpot. The benefits of a planned and tested personalised learning experience really are numerous:

  • understanding the personal motivation for learning new information and/or skills;
  • improving the mapping of training needs;
  • recognising individual learning times;
  • breaking habitual patterns by testing themselves;
  • opening up to new project design and management approaches;
  • improving team work.

In addition to these considerations, there is also an additional benefit related to LX - the mutual exchanges between the teacher and the learner, capable of fuelling divergences in vision which can be productive and generate stimuli, keys to interpretation and solutions.

The 3 drivers to push to the finish line

The ability to arouse interest

Learning is dependent on an interest in what we learn and experience because, as human beings, we tend to do what we enjoy. An effective solution which highly involves learners is storytelling, "learning through stories".

We think about a situation that our participants experience in their daily lives, we identify a problem and its consequences and we explain how training can help them to resolve it. In this way they feel like both spectators and authors, motivated to learn for themselves.

The drive to stimulate emotions

Storytelling works to support learning, because a well-conveyed story brings emotions to the surface, stimulating personal or group dynamics involving us at a deep level. In fact, we tend to remember events with a high emotional element, such as the birth of a child, a graduation day or a major loss.

Gamification is an increasingly frequent solution to improve LX as it provides participants with emotional support (challenge, fun, curiosity...) that stimulates action, competition and achievement of the goal.

Investing in self-confidence

A LX will be truly effective if it guides participants to become aware of their own value and uniqueness, encouraging the development of feelings of adequacy and contentment with themselves. Self-esteem is in fact the main prerequisite for encouraging value and content impact in the learner's context.

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