Be happy - a plea for more positive experiences (1/2) : The need for lifelong learning

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Today we want to show what learning is in itself and that learning does not stop or "finish" at any time.

We learn every day and at any location

Learning is a complex process, but at the same time it is vital, as we are not equipped with sufficient instincts for our survival. Learning is therefore not an option, but a necessity.
If some dust gets in the eye, we blink. This is a reflex that does not need to be learned, just like instincts. But we do not inherit the knowledge of our ancestors and their abilities, we must first learn them. The toddler learns from the parents, the pupil from the teacher, etc. The term learning does not only include pure knowledge, but also abilities and skills that are once learned and then can be retrieved. Especially the retention of information is a central point of learning.

Learning is understood as a lifelong process (Lifelong Learning). People learn things every day and at any location - whether at school, at work or in their leisure time - but through the flood of information the brain selects the information.

We are shaped by our learning experiences

Precisely because we learn all our life, our experiences play a major role.

  • When you think back to your school days, what kind of memories come to your mind?
  • Are positive or negative experiences more dominant?

Most people experience their school days rather negatively. When children start school, the "seriousness of life" literally begins. Why is this relevant?
As already mentioned, we learn things every day and everywhere. But in school we learn consciously for the first time. This means that school time forms the foundation for our experiences. So if we link this time with negative memories or experiences, we may be shaped by a negative attitude towards learning for our whole life - including further vocational training.

Create more positive learning experiences

What is the solution? We plead for more positive experiences. Especially in everyday work and learning. Whenever possible, try to create positive learning experiences - in your everyday work life you might have the opportunity to decide when and how you want to learn, for example which medium you like.

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