How to address the major transformations challenges ahead?


Employees and HR focus on skills development to meet the major challenges of organizational transformation.

the Cegos Group unveils the results of its international barometer untitled "Transformations, Skills and Learning". The 2023 survey was carried out in June/July 2023 in 9 countries in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain), Asia (Singapore) and Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Chile).
The 2023 edition polled 5,048 employees and 488 Directors or Heads of Human Resources / Directors or Heads of Training, all working in private and public sector organizations with 50 or more employees.

Here are a few key figures to remember from this 2023 edition:

  • HRDs identify artificial intelligence and data, but also new ways of working, as the main transformation challenges.
  • 74% of employees think current transformation challenges (technological, climatic, societal...) will change the content of their work, and 30% even fear seeing their job disappear.
  • According to international HR, 18% of jobs in their organization are at risk of skills obsolescence in the next three years.
  • To cope with these transformations, 57% of HR managers intend to support their employees in upgrading their skills, particularly their digital skills, and to recruit new profiles (56%).
  • Only 8% of international HR managers identify the ecological transition as a key issue for supporting and developing skills within their organization.
  • 59% of international employees would agree to finance part of their training costs.
  • 85% of employees say they would consider a complete career change if it were more meaningful.

"This 2023 edition is marked first and foremost by the emergence of generative artificial intelligence, which is quoted as the leading transformation driver impacting skills. In the short term, this means that Learning & Development players will have to mobilize strongly to offer training solutions on three levels: raising employee awareness on a massive scale to demystify this topic, developing the technical skills needed to perform AI-related jobs, and applying AI to business lines through clearly identified use cases. The second highlight of this year's survey is the ecological transition. Except for French HR professionals, who have made this a priority issue, international HR professionals do not see this as a major challenge for the development of their teams' skills over the next two years. Although they face the urgency of the ecological transition, HR does not yet seem to have fully grasped this highly sensitive topic, therefore exposing organizations to possible disqualification by their market, their customers and their talents. We can assume the increasing regulations will accelerate skills development on these subjects."

Christophe Perilhou, Director of Learning & Solutions, Cegos Group