Digital Learning Excellence Awards 2022 : and the winners are...


At the end of the Learning, Talent and Development Congress, the Cegos Group, a European and international leader in learning and development, revealed the winners of the 12th Digital Learning Excellence Awards.

Created by Cegos and organized in partnership with AEF.Info, these awards aim to promote programs that reflect the richness and diversity of distance and blended learning today: they are therefore a good indicator of the Digital Learning trends within companies and organizations.

This year, the jury was chaired by Thierry BOUILLON, Deputy Director General of HRRS in charge of talent and skills development at POLE EMPLOI.

The winners of this 12th edition of the Digital Learning Excellence Awards

2022 Grand Prize


This project aims to enlighten the subject of climate change from a positive and constructive point of view and to prepare AXA employees for the company's transformation in favor of the climate.

In this perspective, the subject of climate change is positioned as a business issue and goes beyond the stage of understanding to invite employees to act in their professional decisions and ways of working.

It is about offering employees a hybrid experience embedded in the workflow. The program is built around 4 pillars: Learn the science, Rethink the business perspective, Commit to change and Time to transform.

Best "Professionalization Challenges" Learning Program


This training, given in French, concerns the 6,000 customer advisors, as well as their managers, trainers and facilitators for the retail market. The objective is to train all populations in 4 Key Relational Skills: authentic listening, emotional control, solution orientation and cooperation. The principles of symmetry of attention and cascade deployment have governed the system for a 91% recommendation rate.

Best “Awareness-raising Challenges” Learning Program


La Poste Group wanted to create a training course highlighting the major projects, actions and key figures of 2021 by offering daily training content that would allow a retrospective of the year. This 2-to-5 minute content was designed and organized around the theme of Christmas. The different training modules were gamified to make the learning experience fun and friendly.

Best “HR & Management Challenges” Learning Program

RENAULT GROUP for "W-Journey", a leadership development program for women

The W-Journey training program is a blended leadership development program aimed at women managers in the Renault Group, all entities combined, i.e. nearly 650 female employees. The particularity of this project is the integration of innovative Renault projects to work on practical cases. Each cohort presents, in sub-groups of 5 participants, an analysis of an innovative project and proposals for business improvement.

Best “Digital Transformation of the Learning” Learning Program

FRANPRIX for « Pitchboy

This 100% digital and immersive training program concerns all future store employees.

The learner is immersed in the store environment thanks to 360° video and can interact naturally with an artificial voice. Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, the learner's words are analyzed and the tool can react accordingly. Everyone has a unique experience. This training has also had a positive effect on the employer brand. This caring and innovative training reflects an effective HR policy at Franprix and has resulted in a greater number of applications.

2022 Jury “Coup de cœur”

EPHEC for “Remediation course in Dutch”

EPHEC, a French-speaking Belgian institute of higher education, has set up an asynchronous online remediation course for newcomers who do not have the required level of Dutch to enable them to better follow the Dutch course of their curriculum. The course contains grammar capsules with tailor-made exercises contextualized in a space conquest. Due to the success of this program, many students who were not in the initial target group have asked to have access to the remedial course.

For this 2022 edition, 26 exemplary projects were presented in the 4 categories:

  • Professionalization Challenges category:Covéa, EDF, Ferrero, La Banque Postale, Monoprix, Pickup services, Renault Group.
  • “Awareness-raising Challenges” category:Albioma, AXA, Bouygues Construction, Engie, Krys Group, La Poste, Vinci.
  • “HR & Management Challenges” category : Crédit Agricole IDF, GRDF, La Mutuelle Générale, La Poste Groupe, Plastic Omnium, Renault.
  • “Digital transformation of the learning” category:AGAP2, AIR France, CANAL + INTERNATIONAL, EDF, EPHEC, FRANPRIX

The members of the jury for this 2022 edition:

PRESIDENT of the JURY: Thierry BOUILLON - Deputy Director General HRRS in charge of talent and skills development – POLE EMPLOI

Franck BAILLET - Executive Vice President ​Learning & Development Talent Management France – CAPGEMINI FRANCE (winner in the 2020 HR category)

Anne BOURGUIGNAT - Responsible for the group's training activities – SFR

Delphine BROILLET PERQUIN-GEORGES - Design & Digital Learning, Innovation and​

Marketing Vice President – TOTAL ENERGIES

Catherine BUCHE-ANDRIEUX - Global Learning & Safran University Director – SAFRAN (2021Grand Prix)

François-Xavier CHIROL - Group Learning & Development Director – TRANSDEV

Johann GHILINI - Head of Learning France – SOCIETE GENERALE

Cécile MERIAUX – Learning Director – COOPERATIVE U ENSEIGNE 

Cédric MORIN – Journalist – AEF INFO

Jean-Charles NOIROT- Learning Director – SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 

Pierre VILLEDIEU – Learning & Professionalization Director - ENEDIS