Cegos is committed to energy efficiency

Published on : 21/11/2022

Training and supporting individuals and organisations to meet their development challenges: our mission goes beyond the simple economic framework. By helping our clients bring out the best in themselves, we are helping to make the professional world a better place.

As an international leader in Learning & Development, the Cegos Group is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). To make this promise a reality, in a sustainable and responsible way.

In line with these commitments and in light of the current energy crisis, we are aiming to reduce our energy consumption by 10% by 2024. To achieve this, we are deploying an action plan that aims to:

  • Fight against energy waste (reducing the temperature in our workspaces and training centres, action on lighting and screens, etc.),
  • Promote energy efficiency (choice of less energy-consuming technologies, raising awareness of teams to "digital cleaning", etc.),
  • Promote soft mobility (sustainable mobility package),
  • Boost this approach within the company and with our stakeholders.

This is why we are offering you this interactive module dedicated to energy sobriety. Since this requires a radical change in our individual and collective behaviour, discover this free module without further delay!