Cegos in the Top 20 of leadership training organizations


For the 8th consecutive year, Cegos is in the Top 20 of the best leadership training organizations.

Cegos awarded for its leadership commitments

With this 8th consecutive annual award, Cegos is awarded based on several differentiating criteria:

- The scope and quality of our training programs and services offered.

- Our ability to innovate and influence the leadership training sector.

- The panel and the satisfaction of our customers.

- The performance and growth of the company.

Training Industry happens to be the largest source of information for training decision makers. For several years, it has established a Top 20 organizations in the most important training fields. The goal: to help professionals identify the most innovative providers of training-related technology services.

Examples of customers who trust us:

Many companies rely on Cegos to design and deploy leadership training programs that create value and growth. Here are three examples of clients who have relied on Cegos' leadership expertise:

William Grant & Sons - Deploying a blended and international training program on leadership fundamentals.

To learn more about our collaboration with William Grant & Sons.

Continental - Developing the skills and competencies of high potential women to prepare them for leadership positions.

To learn more about our collaboration with Continental.

Navantia - Developing managerial skills to support cultural change

To learn more about our collaboration with Navantia.

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