Cegos China - 2022 HREC's Most Valued Learning and Development Supplier


At the award ceremony held on August 10th, Cegos (China), with its professional service, brand image and influence, was announced 2022 HREC's Most Valued Learning and Development Supplier (Selected HR Service Organization on Personal Development for 2022).

Offering professional service and renowned in learning and development, Cegos has been an award winner for years in a row.

The selection of China's Most Valued Learning and Development Supplier, which is a branch of the "Value Awards" that cost great efforts for many years to prepare, was sponsored by HREC, a high-end & professional HR service membership organization. Sticking to authority, rigor, fairness, impartiality, openness and public welfare, the "Value Awards" has become a major force and benchmark in China's HR market.

Cegos, without any hesitation, is passing on the group's glory yet in this difficult period by having been successfully delivering value in the learning and development market over again.

Committed in L&D for over a century when they have being developing training sessions of both innovation and efficiency, Cegos people energized and empowered generations of managers and employees.

Cegos’ Advantages:

Exposure and influence within industry

Top R&D teams

Training service system of diversity

Global reach & great potential in growth

Cegos will always be your loyal partner whether in changes or in pursuing success, by creating the talent pool that defines the next generation in this business world full of uncertainties.

About HREC (the organizer) :

HREC is a high-end, professional organization of vast influence that serves HR professionals in China. Up to June 30, 2021, there are more than 4,000 paid-member enterprises of HREC, and more than 90% of the Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 enterprises that have entered China enjoy various services from HREC. HREC delivers full HR products and services that are rich in forms and edge-cutting, meeting the "learning needs, purchasing needs and the needs of incentive and recognition" of HR personnel of all sectors.
Official website: http://www.hrecchina.org/

About Cegos :

Cegos Group was established in 1926. With its cross-cultural context, Cegos is now a Chinese market veteran after 23 years of endeavor. The group operates in 11 countries and/or regions in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and has its strategic partners or channel cooperators of top training suppliers over more than 50 countries and/or regions. Cegos’ 1,000 employees and more than 3,000 cooperative consultants are training 250,000 people worldwide a year, generating an annual sales of €200 million.

Official website: https://www.cegos.com.cn