What our employees have to say

Cegos Group employees are its best ambassadors, both in France and around the world.

Read some of our employees' profiles below.

3 min with Silvia MARTINELLI

Head of Sales, Cegos Italy

3 min with Sonia BRANCO

Chargée de comptes, Cegos SA

3 min with .Jonathan MOHADEB

Head of International Projects, Cegos Group

3 min with Thomas BORNSIAK

Key Account Manager, Cegos SA

3 min with Elliott WILKINS

Learning Solutions & Account Executive

3 min with Carolina GRACIA MORENO

Consultante cheffe de projet, Cegos SA

3 min with Helen LI

HR manager, Cegos China

3 min with Jules SERBIN

Attaché commercial, ib-Cegos

3 min with Dennis Hellbach

Digital Learning Consultant, Cegos-Integrata

3 min with Cécile BOY

Chargée de comptes Sud-Ouest, Cegos SA

3 min with Shawn Paul D. COTTA

Key Account Business Partner, Cegos Asia Pacific

3 min with Marianne RUFFIE

Directrice de Projets, Cegos SA