Artificial Intelligence and its impacts on learning

The subject of Artificial Intelligence and its impacts on Learning is proving to be a major issue for organisations. This is the focus of our latest publication: “Artificial Intelligence and Learning”.

The digital revolution and its underlying technology disruptions are sparking far-reaching changes in workers’ skills, whether technical, behavioural or line-of-business related.

To provide support for facing them, it is now vital for businesses to speed up development of their teams’ skills:
• For individuals, professional agility is a major advantage for employability.
• For companies, Learning & Development is a strategic investment. One that makes the business more competitive in the marketplace and more attractive to employees.

So how can we now prepare for these deep changes instead of just putting up with them?

For Cegos, it is defining and building the framework needed for man and machines to work together cleverly and effectively. This has led us to three strong convictions:
• As technology improves, the strictly human aspects of work are also growing in importance.
• Human interaction is vital to in-depth learning.
• In a world where it is increasingly necessary to learn fluidly and efficiently, our purpose is to get the learner involved and ensure their training is impactful and effective.

With these convictions in mind, how can we use AI to continuously adapt a training course or a learning path? To improve the learning environment, especially with the emergence of learning companions? To transform the learning experience and the trainer’s profession?

If that sounds like a huge opportunity, let’s also keep in mind that algorithms do not have any moral boundaries or ethical principles: it is up to humans to establish an ethical framework for AI in learning.

Download our white paper.

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