Leader of the Future, the first immersive, international and remote leadership training programme


The Cegos Group has announced the European launch of the programme "Leader of the Future".

Immersive and 100% remote, this international leadership training is structured around five intensive days, along with additional activities before and after the training.

It is a unique and demanding experience that is intended to take participants out of their comfort zone and reveal their true leadership style.

This training is an adaptation of the flagship programme from Crescimentum (no.1 in leadership training and a subsidiary of the Cegos Group) which has already attracted 10,000 leaders over 15 years.

"Leader of the Future": an immersive and transformative programme

Created in 2005 by Crescimentum, no.1 in leadership training in Brazil and a subsidiary of the Cegos Group, this 100% remote international leadership training has already been taken by 10,000 leaders with extremely high levels of satisfaction reported. The objective? To train leaders to be ready for the future and to be able to navigate through a world that is more and more uncertain.

For 5 intensive days, all of the participants will be immersed in the same session conducted in English, with participants from 6 different countries: France, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.
Both demanding and intense, the learning experience includes virtual workshops, application of the theory learned, group and individual tasks, and even physical activities.

With constant discussion between peers from very different backgrounds and cultures, the participants will soon find themselves engaged in a unique and transformative programme that goes well beyond simple online training.

Although they will be operating in a protective environment, they will be pushed to step outside their comfort zones and will be intellectually and emotionally challenged to develop their understanding of the impact of their behaviour and to improve their performance.

Before the immersion week, each participant's training begins with an analysis and assessment (done for themselves and by peers) of their leadership style and performance, as well as with a case study.

After the immersion week, there will be follow-up activities to ensure practical application of what has been learned during the training, in real work situations, along with an individual coaching session and a new 360° assessment.

The first "Leader of the Future" session is scheduled for November 2021.

Annick Allegret, member of the Cegos Group Executive Board, stated:
"Leadership is first and foremost about personal development, and is acquired by cooperating with others and through experience with a diverse range of profiles and cultures.
Leader of the Future is a decidedly modern learning programme: 100% remote, dynamic, encouraging discussion between international peers, inviting honesty and introspection, mixing the right dose of theory with a maximum amount of practical application. It is an intense, stimulating and demanding experience".

Programme, objectives, planning: look at all the infos you need about ‘Leader of the Future’.

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