Cegos supports the olympic dream of Pauline Déroulède


Pauline Déroulède's story begins with an injustice in October 2018: while she was safely parked on her scooter, she was mowed down by a 92-year-old driver in Paris.
At 28, she had to have her left leg amputated. A dozen general anaesthetics and long months of rehabilitation followed...
But as she says with abnegation: "I am a standing woman". So, rather than brooding over her anger, Pauline, an accomplished sportswoman, very quickly formulated an ambition: to become Olympic wheelchair tennis champion in Paris in 2024!

Pauline Déroulède perfectly embodies the values of our Group: commitment, agility and sharing.
A model of resilience, she is a combative, positive, open-minded and committed young woman. Her background, her sincerity and her fights (for women's rights as well as for the implementation of regular driving aptitude tests) make her a magnificent role model for young people and for all of us!
For all of these reasons, the Cegos Group becomes an official sponsor of Pauline, from this year until the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games!

Good luck Pauline! The Cegos Group is standing by your side!