Leadership, a strategic lever to drive transformations

The digital revolution and its underlying technology disruptions are sparking far-reaching changes in workers’ skills, whether technical, behavioural or line-of-business related.

Receiving the appropriate training and acquiring the necessary agility in the workplace is a crucial challenge for workers around the world. Ongoing skills development, particularly those that will prove indispensable tomorrow, is a crucial factor for future employability.

Learning & Development is a strategic investment for businesses, since employees’ ability to keep up with the latest developments is a major factor in a company’s attractiveness and competitiveness.

Amongst these skills, leadership appears as a strategic lever to drive transformations in organisations.
This White Paper “Future of Leadership” offers a broad overview of the subject:

– How to define and make the concept of leadership meaningful?

– Why is it a skill that is now challenged by transformations?

– How is this a lever of transformation for organisations and a factor of efficiency, collaboration and quality of working life for individuals?

– What are the 7 key skills of the leader of tomorrow and how can they be developed?

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