Bolstered by its performance in 2018, the Cegos Group stands at the forefront of the L and D sector

The Cegos Group, a European and worldwide leader in learning and development, generated €200 million in consolidated revenue in 2018, an increase of 5% compared to 2017. The Group’s Ebitda stands at €20.8 million, up from €16.4 million in 2017.

In 2018, Cegos consolidated its position as an international leader in Learning and Development, with solid performances in every market.

In a French market awaiting the application of the “Avenir professionnel” (Professional Future) law, Cegos’ turnover grew by 7%, representing €135 million:
– Cegos SA (off-the shelf and tailor-made training courses) recorded growth of 4%, with a 9% sales increase.
– IB (a subsidiary of Cegos specialised in IT training) recorded 25% growth.
– Cimes (a subsidiary of Cegos specialised in outsourced training management) saw its turnover increase by 4%.

At international level, the Cegos Group generated a consolidated revenue of €65 million in 2018, a decrease of 1%:
– Southern European countries recorded sustained growth (+3% in Spain, +12% in Italy, +15% in Portugal).
– In Germany, which accounts for 18% of the Cegos Group’s total revenue, the turnover for 2018 was €38 million, representing a drop of 4%.

Cegos continues to transform its business profile to meet major performance objectives of its customers.

In line with its strategic priorities, the Group is continuing to deploy its new Learner and Customer Experience: Cegos is actively committed to delivering effective performance to companies and learners who choose to invest in skills development, a key tool for leveraging competitiveness and employability.

Cegos is targeting a 5% increase in turnover in 2019, to €210 million, with a €23.4 million Ebitda.

For more info, read our annual corporate press release which presents our results for 2018 and our strategic priorities for 2019.