The Cegos Group fast-tracks innovation to enhance performance

The Cegos Group focuses on its core business and fast-tracks innovation to enhance performance.

The Group generated €191 million in consolidated revenue in 2017, following 0.5% growth over the year. The Group’s Ebitda stands at €16.4 million, up from €12.9 million in 2016.

In accordance with its strategic priorities, in 2017 the Group continued to refocus on its core business (learning and operational consultancy). It also rolled out its new Learning Experience, which combines a variety of major breakthroughs in Digital Learning that it has developed for its customers.

In 2018, Cegos is aiming for €200 million in revenue (a 5% year-on-year increase), in particular by leveraging Performance Learning, a learning experience that taps into the learner’s engagement to step up individual and collective performance.

José Montes, Chairman of the Cegos Group, explains:
“As a leader on the learning and development market, we have a duty to stand side by side with people and organisations as they tackle the transformation in the world of work. Shifting from an approach based on ‘traditional’ training to an approach based on constant skills’ development is what will make organisations more competitive and people more employable. That collective and individual performance is what we strive to achieve with our customers.”

Cegos is enhancing efficiency and performance by innovating non-stop, and is keeping its eyes on a central goal: engaging learners. Learners will be engaged for three reasons:
“We see learning as a long-term experience: time is an essential factor when people acquire the skills they will need for the future. We can acquire new knowledge very fast but changing our habits and ways of doing things at work takes time.

We are keen on “rehumanising” training, have a wide variety of options to do that, and our expertise is putting us in the lead (virtual classrooms, community management, e-coaching, peer coaching, tutoring, etc.).

We are tailoring learning experiences, by delivering the content each individual needs and by taking each learner’s preferences into account. The initial feedback we’re seeing after introducing our LearningHub is showing us that this approach makes a lot of sense.”

You will find all the details about our results for 2017 and our strategic priorities for 2018 in our dedicated presse release.