Our recruitment activity

BeyondKnowledgeCegosThe Cegos Group has “recruitment” divisions in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Our role thus consists of searching for, identifying, selecting and assessing talented people which will allow our clients to incorporate the most useful skills.

Our range of services means that we can continue to rank as a pioneer in most countries where we have a presence. We offer:

  • Individual selection procedures
  • Head hunter services for management positions
  • An Assessment Centre
  • Appraisal of candidates’ potential (sales networks, future managers etc)
  • Training around the issue of personnel selection (how to set up one’s own assessment centre, selection of skills, job interviews etc)
  • International selection procedures
  • Outsourcing of recruitment services, assessment and the selection of human resources
  • Mass selection programmes.

Holding onto skills

Our experts are also involved in holding onto and supporting our teams. We coach managers and help them to establish constructive relationships.

We have “recruitment” divisions in Spain, Italy and Portugal