The Cegos way of learning

CegosWayofLearningThe Cegos way of learning capitalises on fundamental knowledge and teaching know-how continuously developed by our teams with our clients. This skill, known as the “Cegos way of learning” is based on experience gained from three generations of consultants, experts and educationalists. It is regularly updated thanks to our unit, which monitors and researches best learning practice.

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The Cegos way of learning: unique teaching expertise

The “Cegos way of learning” incarnates the entire Cegos pedagogical culture and symbolises its expertise in this field. In some ways it constitutes our genetic code. In evidence since the inception of the company this teaching “matter” has developed over 85 years of the Group’s life. Today it is enriched by the input from new consultants and new technologies which has allowed it to adapt to the new major issues facing companies and students etc and nurture 21st century teaching methods.

The Cegos way of learning guarantees the quality and effectiveness of learning for all skills using all possible teaching formats. Therefore we provide the best of pedagogic know-how and allow each learner to optimally benefit from training, whatever the format chosen or the country of learning.