Some multimodal vocabulary

Virtual class: describes the simulation of a real classroom. The course is distributed by means of a network solution, on a precise date at a precise time (synchronously) to learners who are remote from one another geographically. This environment includes tools reproducing the interactions o f a classroom from a distance.

Virtual community : All of the people linked by computer in cyberspace, who meet and make exchanges through the intermediary of an IT network, and who share a common interest. Accessible solely via computer, virtual communities are formed by groups of people dispersed throughout the world, communicating electronically by electronic mail and chat.

E-learning : defines any training tool which uses a network whether local, extended or Internet, for sending, interacting or communicating, and which includes distance learning, access to sources by downloading or by consultation on the Net. It may involve synchronous or asynchronous systems, tutored systems, teach yourself, or a combination of all these elements.

Synchronous systems: we talk about synchronous training when the participants are simultaneously connected to their training session. They can then communicate in real time either using “chat rooms”, web-conferencing or video-conferencing. Synchronous training courses also allow applications (e.g. whiteboard) to be shared. Each person can interact using such applications when the tutor specifically gives them access to the shared document.

Multimodal : enrichment of face-to-face, synchronous teaching using multimedia and networks

On the job : learning in a work situation

Peer coaching : coaching among peers. Often follows a formal synchronous training course.

Shadowing : the fact of learning by observing. This is one of the methods of synchronous tutoring.

Serious Game : an IT game which combines a serious intent, be it educational, informative, communicative, to do with marketing, ideology or training, with game tools taken from video gaming or IT simulation. The purpose of a “serious game” is therefore to make the serious dimension attractive using gaming format, interaction, rules and possibly objectives.

Webinar : also called on-line conferencing, this is a conference which is held through an IT network, particularly the Internet (Web conference).

Wiki : a wiki is a website whose pages can be amended by all or part of the visitors to the site. It allows collaborative writing of documents. The first wiki was created in 1995 by Ward Cunningham to implement a section of a site on IT programming, which he called WikiWikiWeb. “wiki” means quick in Hawaiian. The best known site of this kind is of course Wikipedia.

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