New generation learning methods

R_DCegos ENThe passing years and new technologies have profoundly shaken up our methods of accessing information, entertaining ourselves and engaging in exchanges with others. They also impact on our way of learning.

For more than 12 years, the Cegos Group has been a pioneer of multimedia solutions aimed at enriching traditional so-called face-to-face learning methods, i.e. in a classroom with a trainer.

Strong demand from employees

The 2015 study by the Cegos Observatory on “Training methods in Europe” has shown that all countries are moving towards digital training. 84% of HRDs agree that training in their company is increasingly digitalized.

62% of HRDs think that the digitalization of training is first used to limit the costs of training. 52% say that it is used to ensure all the participants have access to the same training methods.

Numerous reasons for choosing new ways of learning

Increasing efficiency; Shortening the time taken to upskill; Maximising added value from face-to-face; Sharing good practice; Adapting courses to individuals; Responding to new generations’ ways of Learning; Integrating the new relationship to learning

Many companies of all sizes already use our “mixed” training methods

See our client references on mixed training, so-called “Multimodality”

Train where you want, when you want and how you want

Today Cegos is one of the main players in e-learning. We can work either with the biggest companies on tailored projects or with SMEs, thanks to “turn key” solutions.

In 2008 Cegos launched the first on-line training solutions invented and designed by Cegos experts with the aim of providing topical technological tools to as many people as possible :

E-Learning Solutions by Cegos ® : a catalogue of 200 on-line training modules available in 12 languages

Global Learning by Cegos ® : 26 training modules combining face-to-face and e-learning sessions

Our entire multimodal range is available on our dedicated site :

Some multimodal vocabulary