Research and innovation

  • New generation learning methods

    Today new learning methods enrich our training courses and open up new ways to train: from the e-learning modules to the serious game, from the virtual class through Wikis to the Webinar, knowledge- sharing tools have never been available in such numbers! As market leader Cegos explores and invents solutions, making them accessible to everyone and supporting companies in the discovery and mastery of these new knowledge-based tools.
    New generation learning methods

  • Cegos Observatory

    Decoding, benchmarking, and keeping ahead of the game. Since its creation Cegos has been the Observatory for the corporate world and its development. Experts and analysts of the Observatory carry out numerous studies and soundings which support companies in their reflections and actions.
    Cegos Observatory

  • Cegos pedagogy

    The Cegos learning culture capitalises on the fundamental knowledge and training know-how continuously developed by our teams working with our clients. This skill, known as the “Cegos way of learning” is based on experience gained from three generations of consultants, experts and educationalists.
    Cegos pedagogy

  • Ideas workshop

    Enthusiastic about their profession and their discipline, Cegos experts love to share their experiences and reflections on the ground with other professionals. They regularly speak at conferences, trade shows and professional awards events.
    Ideas workshop