Our partners

Cegos has developed a partnership Policy, especially to establish its presence internationally and offer top level training courses leading to diplomas.

Partners everywhere in the world

Cegos now runs its own operations in 11 European, Asian and Latin American countries. This global presence is essential to roll out international training projects, with a motto: ‘Think global, learn local’ – the solutions are international in scope, the delivery is attuned to each culture and area.

If you want to know more about our expertise, please contact Simon Vuillaume, International Projects Director.

The Cegos Group is also active in over 50 countries through its network of partners and distributors, which are all leading training providers and top-tier technology experts (such as Cornerstone OnDemand, Lumesse, Docebo, Halogen Software et NetDimension), allowed to offer Cegos e-learning solutions to their customers.

If you need more information about our network, have a look at our dedicated website.


Specialists to enrich our range of training courses

The Cegos Group strives to offer to its clients the broadest possible choice of training courses. If we do not possess the internal resources for some very specific skill areas, we choose to form an alliance with the best specialists from each domain. This has been the case with:

  • Languages with Speex, the main publisher of online linguistic training courses,
  • The health and medical-social sector with Formavenir Performance, which has been training health professionals for 30 years and provides us with its skills,
  • The banking sector with Dii, a key partner and leading company with regard to finance professionals.

We shall continue to form skills partnerships with well known specialists from each sector each time we feel that this is useful to our clients.


Close relationships with higher education institutions and prestigious universities

In France, Cegos continues to collaborate with higher education institutions and national universities

Ecole Centrale Lyon, Dauphine Université Paris, IESEG School of Management, Mines Paris-Tech et Centrale Supélec now offer training courses which are conceived and porvided with Cegos. Combining an academic approach with operational implementation, these training courses bring together teachers and consultants. They enable professionals who already work to access very high level courses and obtain a prestigious degree.

CentraleSupelec DauphineUniversiteParis EcoleCentraleLyon

IESEGSchoolofManagement MinesParisTech