He continues to manage international affairs (distribution partners and subsidiaries).

José Montes was until now a Board Member.

With a Masters in law and an undergraduate degree in business administration, José Montes joined Cegos in 1978 as a consultant. He went on to manage Cegos in Spain, then a number of European subsidiaries from 2002.

Since 2004, he has been in charge of the Group’s international affairs.

Under the Chairmanship of José Montes, the Board members are:

Annick Allegret, in charge of In House Training and Consultancy activity

Annick Allégret is Director of France’s In-house Courses Unit since 2011. With a Diploma of Higher Specialised Studies in Psychology (Joseph Fourier University – Grenoble, 1983) and Executive MBA (ESSEC, 1993), her career started with BIAO banking group, before joining Houdinière Internationale in 1987 where she led executive management research missions.

She joined Cegos in 1990 firstly as a consultant, then manager, before becoming manager of Cegos in Lyon. In 2003, she became HR and Management Business Unit Director, a position she held until 2011.

Benoît Félix is Administrative and Financial Director of Cegos Group since December 2004. Within the Board, he also represents corporate funtions (HR, Quality, Legal and IT). A graduate of Grenoble Management School (1989), he started his career at Price Waterhouse Coopers as an auditor. In 1994, he joined AMP as an EMEA Internal Auditor before becoming Aerospace Business Unit Controller in 1995.

In 1998, he became EMEA Manufacturing Controller for Tyco Electronics (AMP Group) before joining Sofreavia as Chief Financial Officer, a position he held from 1999 to 2004.

Guillaume Huot has managed this Unit for the Group since 2011. A graduate of HEC Paris, Guillaume Huot started his career at UAP in human resources then joined CIC as a branch Deputy Manager.

He joined Cegos Group in 1996 as a consultant specialising in the banking sector. He then took part in the creation of the open course business, became its commercial director for France in 2003, then open courses business director for France in 2007.

Members of the Group Committee

  • Jesus ARAUJO – Director of Cegos-Spain
  • Etienne AUVILLAIN – Director of Cegos Switzerland
  • Karel BEDNAR – Director of Cegos Czech Republic
  • Jeremy BLAIN- Director of Cegos Asia-Pacific
  • Emanuele CASTELLANI – Director of Cegos Italy
  • Pascal DEBORDES – Director of the International Partners Network
  • Stéphane GRODNER – Director of ib-Cegos Group
  • Javier HERMOSILLA – Director of Cegos Chile-Latin America
  • Michelle LIU – Director of Cegos China
  • Francis MARSHALL – Director of Cegos UK
  • Ricardo MARTINS – Director of Cegoc Portugal
  • Ingmar J. RATH – Director of Integrata-Cegos Germany
  • Arnaud BENICOURT – Information Systems Director
  • Alexandra CAVANNA – Communication Director
  • Christophe LE BARS – HR Director
  • Simon VUILLAUME – International Projects Director

Where does the name « Cegos » come from?

After February 1934, CGOST lost its “T”. Henceforth anyone mentioning the scientific organisation would understand the “labour” part without it being specified.

Two years later while talking on the radio, Jean Milhaud, the then director, was reading out his contribution and said Cegos instead of CGOS. His emotion and a typing error in the text of his speech caused him to do so. From then on the “E” appeared, although it did not stand for anything, Etude? Européen? In truth this “E” stood for nothing, just itself ! So the acronym disappeared making way for a name: Cegos.