EnvironnementCegos_Cegos has adopted a number of practices, within the company and for its customers, aimed at mitigating the impact of its operations on the environment, especially in terms of resource usage.


Tackling the challenge of going paperless

Cegos has initiated a sweeping transition to paperless operations. This involves:

  • Digitising the flow of information to reduce the volume of paper, making training material more interactive for participants (website links, interactive exercises, podcasts, etc.) and providing automatic updates where relevant
  • Setting up an extranet for consultants and course participants
  • Introducing a new electronic document management system for multimedia delivery (CD, USB flash drives, the Web, etc.)
  • An online course evaluation system
  • Upgrading training room IT equipment, such as laptops, netbooks, PDAs, digital whiteboards, etc.

Reducing our paper consumption

Steps have been taken to drastically reduce paper consumption. The initial results are very satisfying: paper consumption went from 12 tonnes (23 kg per person) in 2012 to 8.6 tonnes (16 kg per person) in 2013. By way of comparison, a 2008 ADEME study estimated French companies’ paper consumption at 75 kg per person.

Shrinking our IT footprint

The Group has undertaken an active Green IT initiative. It aims to:

  • Halve electricity consumption (by replacing servers by virtual solutions, implementing data consolidation, replacing the IT asset base with certified energy-efficient devices, etc.)
  • Uphold eco-friendly commitments (e.g. cutting down on printing and instead using digitalisation processes, laying down rules for our suppliers, ensuring that IT devices are recycled, raising awareness of the polluting waste from ICT, etc.)
  • More than halve CO2 emissions (e.g. by encouraging staff to hold video conference meetings, etc.)

Encouraging more environmentally-friendly modes of transport

To encourage the most environmentally-friendly modes of transport, Cegos is working in partnership with the rental company Arval. This way, 81% of the Cegos vehicle fleet emits less than 135 g of CO2.