At Cegos, it is the people and the teams that set us apart.

EmployeurOur employee consultants and Cegos partners are selected for their knowledge of the corporate world, their cutting-edge expertise in their field and their teaching skills.

Cegos plays an active part in its employees’ development by giving them the opportunity to build their skills on an ongoing basis, do work that draws on their creativity, and work on international projects.

In addition to the Group’s 1,000 employees, Cegos relies on a network of over 3,000 outside consultant partners with whom it forges a long-term, trust-based relationship.

Each employee has the opportunity to become a shareholder in the company and be part of a group endeavour guided by a clear, shared strategy.
Cegos teams enjoy the experience and investment capacity of a recognised, industry-leading brand.

The facts speak for themselves…

  • 70% of Cegos employees chose to acquire a stake in the Group through a LMBO
  • Cegos has been a signatory to the Diversity Charter since 2006
  • A gender-equality agreement was also signed in late 2011, covering areas such as training, working conditions, remuneration and the work/life balance
  • Cegos is also part of the 151 companies that received the 2016-2017 Happy Trainees label, a recognition of the quality of its HR policy toward trainees and work-study students.
  • The Group was also recognized by the 2016-2017 Happy Candidates label, which values the companies that best welcome candidates during their recruitment process. The notes come exclusively from applicants who have applied for and have been interviewed: they evaluate their experience according to 4 dimensions (Reputation, Process, People, Information).

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