Our HR policy

The Cegos Group bases its work on a belief system : this is that by allowing people to succeed the company builds its own success. This belief of course influences our own human resources policy and means that we make the individual and collective upskilling of our teams an ongoing objective.

Commitment, Agility, Sharing: three values that underpin our teams’ initiatives to help businesses and people to thrive

– We work passionately and uncompromisingly to empower our customers.

– We work responsibly and openly to nurture trust.

– We are relentlessly inquisitive and open-minded to innovate.

– We listen and adjust to each situation to provide the right solution.

– We work respectfully and trustingly to foster teamwork.

– We are supportive and generous to openly share all our knowledge and skills.

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External consultants selected and trained by Cegos

Our training courses are delivered in close collaboration with a network of 1,500 independent consultants throughout the world.
They are very carefully selected for both their professional and their teaching skills, often following a process of induction in the techniques of leading Cegos courses.

All of our external consultants:

  • Must have 15 years experience in a defined area,
  • Are selected after a series of interviews and a training simulation,
  • Follow a specific Cegos course on training the trainer,
  • Attend a complete course as an observer before leading courses themselves,
  • Receive validation in terms of marks given by their trainees, at the end of a year of Cegos training courses,
  • Can regularly attend training workshops to continuously improve their presenting techniques,
  • Are regularly invited to meetings of exchanges with their peers.

Advantage of becoming a Cegos training partner:

  • Minimum number of teaching days guaranteed,
  • No commercial business to deal with,
  • Take advantage of all the Cegos teaching know-how.

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