We believe in the power of individuals and teams. For 85 years we have supported companies in France and internationally in developing the same belief system: that by allowing its people to succeed, a company builds its own success.

  • Training in all its dimensions

    The Cegos Group offers everyone the most suitable solution, from the standard course to a more personalised version, from face-to-face learning to e-learning. Thanks to the unequalled training quality we are able to support more than 200,000 trainees per year towards their goals throughout the world.
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  • Operational consultancy

    Cegos supports the development of managerial teams and advises human resources departments on how to develop their gifts and energies in the long term.
    Operational consultancy
  • Surveys

    An Observatory for a better understanding of the company and its environment so that we may take action where it is most needed.
  • Recruitment

    We look for, identify, select and evaluate talented people who will allow each company to incorporate the most useful skills.

They put their trust in us