Leading and Managing in the Age of Disruption (a Cegos Asia-Pacific survey)

To discover how well leaders and managers are prepared to face the challenges created by industry disrupters, Cegos recently surveyed business, HR and learning leaders, as well as middle management professionals, across the APAC region (1,000 responses in 8 countries – Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Australia and The Philippines – with some interesting variations in the data from different markets).

The survey focuses on 4 key readiness sections:

Advances in technology are disrupting the way we do business more than ever. In order to innovate and succeed in a competitive marketplace, leaders and managers need to make the best use of new technologies.

The Human Touch
Technology has a big impact on the way we work, but it is important not to lose the human touch. Organizations that reflect this ethos in their work practices and recruitment / retention drives will be the ultimate winners.

Good planning, clear communication, along with flexibility and agility, help modern organizations stay ahead of the game in an increasingly complex world.

Leaders and managers must keep in touch with their workforce and create an environment that maximises operational efficiencies and productivity.

Cegos followed up the survey with a one-day event in Singapore, where professionals and disruptors discussed the results and came up with some creative ideas for action.

Get your free copy of the survey here.