In a fast-changing market, the Cegos Group is building its investment capacity and rolling out a new training experience

The Cegos Group finished 2016 with consolidated revenue of €190 million, stable compared with 2015. EBITDA was €12.9 million (+€0.2 million).

Its business grew throughout 2016 in the French market, while its international performance varied by geographical area.

In 2017, the Group intends to speed up the creation and deployment of new solutions, focusing on Customers’ and Learners’ Experience.

Cegos consolidates its uncontested leadership in France

As announced in 2015 and 2016, Cegos has taken full advantage of the Reform of training and development that came into effect in France two years ago.

Responding to the requirements of the Reform in terms of effectiveness and access to training, Cegos generated consolidated revenue of €120 million in France in 2016, an increase of 3% compared with 2015.

At the international level, the Cegos Group generated consolidated revenue of €70 million in 2016.

In 2017, Cegos is focusing on its core business and enhancing its ability to invest

In line with the strategy drawn up in 2014, the Cegos Group is choosing to focus its development resources on its core business (training and consultancy).

Accordingly, in early 2017, Cegos transferred its psychological evaluation operations, based in Spain under the brand TEA Ediciones and in Portugal under Cegoc Portugal, to Hogrefe Publishing Group, a leading European company in the field.

This will allow the Cegos Group to concentrate its growth funding on three strategic priorities:
Continuing to drive consolidation in the training market. In particular, this will mean developing the support we offer to large businesses running corporate training at the global level.

Supporting organisations’ economic and professional transformation through tailor-made solutions and digital learning. As a full-service partner, Cegos supports businesses at every stage of digitally transforming their training strategy.

Reinventing its customers’ (commissioners and learners) experience by creating increasingly fluid and personalised pathways for them.

You will find all the details in our dedicated press release. .