Many companies still do not rank training as a strategic priority (Cegos Barometer)

The Cegos Group has published the results of its annual survey of training & development in Europe. For the 2015 report, some 600 Human Resources Directors (HRDs) / Training Managers and 2,500 employees (all involved in training initiatives) in private-sector companies with over 50 employees were interviewed in April and May in five countries: France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy.

The survey highlights some significant points:

    • The strategic integration of training policies is lacking
      o Top priority: training administration
      o Assessing and measuring the return on investment of training is ranked as the lowest priority
      o Still a lack of support for employees as regards their training

    • The British exception?
      o British HRDs and Training Managers appear to be the most ambitious in terms of training.
      o British employees are also the most satisfied with their companies training policies:

  • Training methods: the gradual decrease in face-to-face training continues
    o The training methods implemented by companies are sometimes not in line with the employees expectations
    o A very close link between satisfaction and the usefulness of the training: British employees are a good example of that.
    o The HRDs and Training Managers in all five countries consider digital training solutions as a means to reduce training costs and to standardise content.

You can discover the results and the analysis of our experts in the dedicated press release.